Gary H. Gilliard

Mr. Gilliard oversees BWI’s concessions program, which includes development, management, leasing, design, construction, asset management, marketing and traveler experience. A key responsibility includes public/private partnerships with local, regional & national business partners.

Mr. Gilliard’s career includes a decade of leadership on both sides of the airport concessions industry, airport concession management and retail operator. He oversaw the 2009 launch of a 40-retail merchandise unit program at Denver International Airport, and subsequently became the program’s lead manager, directing leasing, concessions management, design, merchandising and marketing as well as driving a very successful local business and minority participation program.

In 2013, Gary accepted a senior management position with Avila Retail, an award winning  (2017 ARN Best Local & Regional) ACDBE retail operator. Gary served as Director of Store Operations, overseeing  Specialty, Gift & Newsstand stores operating in Denver, San Francisco, Phoenix & Albuquerque airports.

Prior to entering the world of airport concessions, Gary’s 30-year retail career encompassed fortune 500 merchants including Toys R Us, Gap Stores, Kohler, Scholastic & Readers Digest, where he held multiple senior managerial positions, covering markets across the US and Europe.

Mr. Gilliard’s career combines airport concessions, retailing, operations and multi-store supervision, with a long and proven track record of working closely with airport management, civic organizations, business operators, contractors and other industry stakeholders.


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