Deatrice Isaac

Vice President, Aviation Procurement
Philadelphia International Airport

Deatrice Isaac is the Vice President of Procurement at PHL. She oversees the Purchasing Administration Unit within the airport’s Finance department. Ms. Isaac is responsible for leading a team of 15 trained professional and technical staff who draft, issue, and manage contracts for services, supplies, equipment, and professional services. Part of her responsibilities ensures close collaboration with PHL internal stakeholders that include approximately 25 airport units, airlines, and others as well as external stakeholders. Through collaboration with PHL stakeholders, she can assess the varied needs and work to have contracts in place to meet those needs. Before her current role, Ms. Isaac worked in the City’s Procurement Department for over 20 years. She moved up after being promoted numerous times, ultimately becoming the Purchasing Manager, responsible for issuing bids and awarding contracts for all City government agencies.


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