Ines Hernandez

Counsel for Equity
U.S. Department of Commerce

Ines Hernandez has over 20 years of experience building cross-sector consensus that led to community and economic development solutions, new policies, and action with demonstrable results. She has extensive experience navigating intersecting issues, including financial inclusion, small business development, workforce development, affordable housing, climate policy, public health, and equity.

Sine being appointed first-ever Counselor for Equity for the Department of Commerce Ines works in close collaboration with the DOC Equity (DEIA) Council co-chaired by Deputy Secretary Don Graves and Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade Diane Farrell. Established in November 2021, the DOC Equity (DEIA) Council provides cross-bureau coordination, policy development, and administrative support for initiatives that: institutionalize equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility across the Department’s programs and operations; support bureaus in creating a positive internal culture and raise program officials’ consciousness of systemic barriers.